Club Registration & IREVA Requirements

Participation in the club is by invitation only; you will receive a link to register via email at the start of the season (November / December).  If you are interested in participating have your school coach contact Travis Mitchell at

The cost to participate in the club includes three components (1) a basic club registration fee of $240, (2) a mandatory IREVA registration of $60, and (3) tournament fees which average approximately $400 per player for the season.  These fees are collected / paid as described here.

We are once again encouraging online registrations for both the Sacandaga Volleyball Club and IREVA; this is a two step process, registration with the Sacandaga Volleyball Club at a cost of $240 and registration with IREVA at a cost of $60.  If you have received an invitation to register you may proceed to the club registration pages here.  After registering with the club, return to this page to register with IREVA using one of the following links:

For those who have not registered with IREVA in the pastuse this link to register with IREVA.

For those who have registered in the past and are therefore already in the IREVA system use this link to renew your membership.

Please note that you will need to save your username and password for subsequent annual IREVA registration renewals.

IREVA (Iroquois-Empire Volleyball Association) is the regional USA Volleyball association that covers our area.  All players participating in the Sacandaga Volleyball Club program must have a current IREVA – USA Volleyball Membership.